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College Admission Essay Are you struggling to write your college admission essays?   Whether college or universities call them admission essays, personal essays, or personal statements; admission essays have become a more important part of the college admission process than ever before.   Colleges and universities are being inundated with applications from highly qualified candidates, making it increasingly difficult for them to make admissions decisions solely based on objective criteria like grades or standardized-test scores.   As a result, they are placing a greater emphasis on those parts of the admissions process that help humanize and differentiate applicants: the admissions essays and, for some schools, admissions interviews. While we cannot handle your admissions interviews, we can help you create wonderful personal statements that help you stand out from the competition and highlight why you would be an asset to a particular institution.   Whether working with prompts provided by a college or on a blanket personal statement that is developed solely from your background, we will help you highlight your strengths so that you can showcase yourself for the colleges of your choosing. How do we do this?   Well, if you have an unusual history, talent, or interest, we use that to show how you can provide diversity in an academic setting.   However, the reality is that most of us are pretty similar.   You do not have to show a college that you came from a horrible background or that you have some ground-breaking talent in order to highlight yourself as an asset.   Instead, you can show how you use your own unique experiences, talents, and skills to cope with the everyday challenges that people face.   Our writers can show you how to transform your history, skills, strengths, and weaknesses into a unique sales pitch aimed at showing admissions committees everything you bring to the table as a member of their academic community. Looking for college admission / application essay example?   We have plenty you can view or download at no charge.   Want a professionally written college admission essay?   Place an order for our custom writing service which is available 24/7/365 including all major holidays.

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Population…A Problem That Most of the World Simply...

Population†¦A Problem That Most of the World Simply Disregards There are over Six Billion people inhabiting the planet earth today and that number is growing. â€Å"In the six seconds it takes you to read this sentence, eighteen more people will be added† (Ehrlich 9). The total population of the World, projected on October 23, 2001 at 6:28:09 pm GMT was 6,181,600,089 people (U.S. Bureau of the Census). Each hour there are 11,000 more mouths to feed; each year more than 95 million. Nevertheless, the world has hundreds of billions fewer tons of topsoil and hundreds of trillions fewer gallons of groundwater with which to grow food crops than it had in 1968. Millions of people every year are dying because they are not getting enough†¦show more content†¦They are linked â€Å"to food-production statistics, to the prospect of a billion or more deaths from starvation and disease, and to the possible dissolution of society as we know it† (Ehrlich 11). Our planet is overcrowded, we have too many people and that affects both our ecosystem, economic system, and how our society runs. Nature has it’s own way of eliminating a problem, and it’s problem is people. We’re causing the problem for ourselves. We created global warming because we emit too many CFC’s into the atmosphere by driving gas-guzzling vehicles, and not monitoring our industrial output. We’ve created huge holes in our protective ozone, which then cause droughts and crop failures that may lead to premature deaths of a billion or more people in the next decade. In addition to more frequent and more severe crop failures, projected consequences of the warming include coastal flooding, desertification, the creation of as many as 300 million environmental refugees (Menk 34), alteration of patterns of disease, water shortages, and general stress on natural ecosystems. AIDS may have existed for thousands of years, but because people are in constant contact with hundreds of other people, the disease has spread like a wildfire killing hundreds of millions. Maybe this is nature’s way of wiping out our surplus. People need to realize that a more humane way of reducing our abundance is to use birth control! There are huge numbers of religious and cultural oppositionsShow MoreRelatedPoverty And Diverty839 Words   |  4 PagesThe topic of poverty courses through political rhetoric as a hot button economic issue. However, very few who speak on the dilemma analyze the humanity of the issue. Yes, poverty is an economic problem, but its effects are not solely fiscal. For many it is easy to ignore the emotional aspect of the issue- desperately low annual incomes posted in a report on poverty fail to invoke the same empathy as personal stories about those afflicted. In his book, Evicted, Matthew Desmond purports that povertyRead MoreEssay on Sustainability1473 Words   |  6 Pagestheory, a realization comes across: that ideas drive society. The key premise is that some values of our society must be altered in order to avert catastrophic con sequences. The way of life in developed countries is the origin of many of our most serious problems(Trainer, 1985). Because developed countries have high material living standards and consume massive quantities of all resources, hundreds of millions of people in desperate need must go without the materials and energy that could improveRead MoreConsequences of the Juvenile Justice System1136 Words   |  5 PagesThe Consequences of Consequences In 2007, there were 60,500 youth incarcerated in America. Those numbers made America number one, with the highest incarcerated youth in the world, by five times the amount of the next country! (Mendell, page 1) Media creates a generalized focus on negative behavior, while we need to be encouraging youth’s positive behavior. We have to remember criminals start off as eager children that are ready to learn. They need to be taught positive behaviors. As we look intoRead MoreOverpopulation Is Still The Problem1201 Words   |  5 PagesIn the article Overpopulation Is Still the Problem, Alon Tal (2013) claims that overpopulation remains the number one problem facing the world today and discusses various problems and possible solutions. Tal unveils the falsely assuring news stories refuting overpopulation as a problem. He particularly dissects Ellis Erle’s assertions, in the New York Times, concerning China’s seemingly magical works of technology. Erle comes to the co nclusion that China’s amazing technology has and will always beRead MorePlanet Earth : An Overview : Humanity Is Going Under810 Words   |  4 Pagesdeadly price, even the meal that you ate a while ago, or maybe are eating right now has lead just a little bit more to world destruction. Important topics like global warming, over population, over food production, sea levels rising, coral reefs dying, and our forests nearly going extinct all branches from one thing societies mistakes and ignorance. The massive growth of over population over the past couple of centuries has to been very visible since there’s less people dying, smaller amount of warsRead MoreSin Tax: Why The Government Should Tax Unhealthy Drinks1274 Words   |  6 PagesLike most college students I do not eat healthy. So that is why I always choose to buy snacks because it is way more convenient and way more affordable it is basically a cheaper alternative. But unfortunately, Unhealthy eating has had a g reat big impact on society today. With Obesity and diabetes rates rising many lives are being taken. So due to this, our government would like to add a â€Å"Sin Tax† this is where the government adds an amount to unhealthy food items. Our national obesity problem bringsRead MoreThe Between Men And Women1056 Words   |  5 PagesStates, there is no escape from the claims of inequality between men and women. Most would say without hesitation that women have disadvantages compared to men. However, these issues, while very real, aren’t as bad as they are made out to be. In fact, women have it pretty good, their place in society by now established. The arguments of equal rights, in order to support certain views, almost always completely disregard a group that falls into neither of the aforementioned categories. This group, ofRead MoreThe Purpose of Criminal Law846 Words   |  4 Pagescrimes against property or persons. In the modern world, there are three choices in dealing with criminals’ namely criminal punishment, private action and executive control. Although both private action and executive control are advantageous in terms of costs and speed, they present big dangers that discourage their use unless in exceptional situations. The second purpose of criminal law is to punish the offender. Punishing the offender is the most important purpose of criminal law since by doingRead MoreAmerica Is A Great Nation959 Words   |  4 Pagesdisplaced because of the massive problems lying in their political system (Adely). An estimated 200,000 have been killed by the fighting, excluding the death toll from other related factors such starvation and lack of medicine and treatment (Dahi 45). This has prompted the UN to declare Syria a Level 3 emergency, the highest level emergency in the UN system (Dahi 45). The severity of the situation is blatantly extreme, and as the most powerful country in the world, it is immoral to consider theseRead MoreChildren Of The Dragon : China s One Child Policy1298 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Dragon: China’s One-Child Policy The earth’s growing population is a global concern. Both developed and third-world countries, are experiencing shortages of food, water and access to adequate healthcare. Although the poorest are hardest hit, even powerful countries like the United States and Great Brittan have been affected. Recent shortages of medication and fuel are contributing to speculation and concern. Governments the world over are turning to alternative energy and sustainable living

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The gains and losses of Gallipoli - 972 Words

Assess the gains and losses of Gallipoli Gallipoli gave Australia its identity as nation and built what our nation is today. Gallipoli was one major fundamental factor in our culture. When you look back into the history of Australia at war you’ll hear Anzacs and diggers a lot. These names all came from one war and in fact one battle. Anzac stands for the Australian New Zealand army corps. The term diggers comes from soldiers continually digging trenches, holes and bunkers to sleep in and take cover during an artillery duel. The term has remained with us for over 90 years. Our soldiers are still living in holes. The landing at Anzac cove, Gallipoli, is a significant part in the history of our identity in the war and the world. I†¦show more content†¦There were eight Victoria crosses handed out to Australian soldiers during the Gallipoli campaign. One of the most famous VC award winners was Lance Corporal Albert Jacka.On the 19 May, the Turkish launched an a attack to push the Australians into the sea. They seized ten metres of trench at a place called Courtney’s Post, but Australians at either end stopped them from continuing to advance. At the northern end Jacka, with several of his mates, tried to get rid the Turkish at the post, but were beaten back. It was then decided that while a feint attack was made from the one end, Jacka would attack from behind. Jackas mates waited long enough for Jacka to circle in behind and then threw two bombs and gave covering fire. Jacka leapt over the parapet, shot five Turkish soldiers with his rifle, bayonetted two others and forced the r est to flee the captured trench. Members of Jackas battalion, 14th Battalion, believed he should of won more VCs in France to. Another example of Australian courage was the charge of the 8th and 10th Light Horse regiments at The Nek. The point of this attack was to support an attack that was been made by New Zealand soldiers at Baby 700. The attack was to be at 0430 hours, or 4:30 am. The attack would start with an artillery bombardment at 4:20 am, but the bombardment stopped 5 minutes to early. The officers following their orders kept the men back until 4:30. When the time came the first wave was mownShow MoreRelatedWhy Was Gallipoli Important?1309 Words   |  6 PagesWhy was Gallipoli Important? Despite being one of the most devastating military losses for the allied forces during World War 1, for some reason it is considered one of the most important and celebrated holidays in Australian history. Why was this, that something that cost so many Australian lives, considered something to be celebrated and cheered on about. The answer of this will be explained after a basic background is established. The Ottoman empire, at the turn of the 20th century was consideredRead MoreThe Great War 1914-1918690 Words   |  3 PagesEgypt first, instead of Europe, to meet the threat Turkey posed to British interests and to receive further training. After four and a half months of training near Cairo, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) departed by ship for the Gallipoli peninsula. While the stand-still between countries continued through 1916 and 1917, the Australians and other allied armies repeatedly attacked with new advanced artillery bombardments, which was designed to demolish barbed wire and eliminate enemyRead MoreThe Battle Of The War1439 Words   |  6 PagesAlthough the men who died on the battlefield were very brave and committed to winning the war, they were following blind leadership. Overall, Verdun was a strategic win but a tactical failure that only contributed to the German objective: inflict major losses of the French during the battle. The French also failed to adapt to the new technology that the Germans were using such as the machine gun. New technology and tactics favored the Germans as they held air superiority during important battles includingRead MoreThe Organization Of Armies During The Period Of 17891212 Words   |  5 Pagesfactor in the outcome of wars during the period, but only where the organised army had effective command and control in place. Well-organised armies could perform tactics better; more easily carry out strategy and use transport more effectively to gain victory. Of all of these elements, the most important strength of a well-organised army was tactics. First, organised armies are much more successful in tactics, allowing them to win battles. The organisation of armies allowed flexibility and speedRead MoreTypes Of Special Force From Each Country3893 Words   |  16 Pagesthroughout the later years of war, especially in 1918. The germans were astounded about how effective the tank was as making paths in no man’s land, Cleaving thru barbed war like a hot knife going thru butter. The germans had to come up with a new way to gain ground during the war, they decided to enhance their infantry forces training, Making them more superior than the typical allied soldier. The russians were the first to actually pioneer new tactics to the test during the war. Russian command orderRead MoreThe Ottoman Empire ( 1299 ) Essay6958 Words   |  28 PagesBetween 1331 and 1338, the other large Byzantine cities of Iznik, Izmit, and ?sk?dar fell to Turkish forces. Orhan s marriage to the daughter of the Byzantine emperor gave him a free hand in the region, and in 1354 Orhan s son S?leyman landed at Gallipoli across the Dardanelles, a strait in northwest Turkey that connects that Sea of Mamara with the Agean Sea. S?leyman died in 1360, and Orhan s son Murad I (ca. 1326?1389) became sultan. During Murad s reign, peaceful acquisition of lands in AnatoliaRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagespermanent cultural WORLD MIGRATION IN THE LONG TWENTIETH CENTURY †¢ 43 â€Å"pigmentophobia.† And the relevance of whiteness can decline as other social markers (e.g., education, occupation, income, place of residence, lifestyle, and status) gain importance in societies that are becoming more â€Å"racially† exogamous. Many observers assert (but rarely demonstrate) that the unprecedented speeds and low costs of contemporary communication have created unparalleled new forms of transnationality

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Corporate Brand Building Of Amazon Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Corporate Brand Building Of Amazon. Answer: Brief Introduction was found in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos at back of his garage, since then, the company has reached at the pinnacle of success and is redefining the e-commerce industry. Amazon is one of the largest valued brands in terms of value and by volume of good sold. The journey of Amazon was not easy, however it was steady and the entire team at Amazon was standing resolute behind its founder-Jeff Bezos. Amazon was started as an online bookstore in the year 1994 and then quickly diversified its product offering to other items such as DVD, music, video games, electronics and clothing items. The company with its headquarter at Seattle employs more than 500,000 people and is always looking forward to improve its services to better fit the customer needs and preferences. The company is operating in more than 16 countries and ships products to over 185 countries; it earned revenue of US $ 177.86 in the year 2017, an increase by a 20% margin than the previous year. Present day, Amazon s ells almost anything to everything on its portal and is the largest e-commerce company in the world. Amazon is a bigger brand than the brands whose products are sold on its website (Sayyed, 2016) The purpose of the report here is to understand the importance of corporate branding in marketing, evaluate the approaches to build a corporate brand, understanding the role of culture in corporate brands and finally evaluating the co-creation and stakeholder engagement in the context of corporate brands. Hence, for the purpose of analysing the above mentioned points, Amazon is selected as the organization for analysis. By the end of report, the importance of corporate branding will be established and other modules will be covered alongside. Brand- An understanding of the concept A brand can be understood as a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature which distinguishes it from the competition and makes it easier for the people to recognize and resonate with the brand. A brand can also be seen as a promise to its customer, it tells the consumers what they can expect from the brand and how the offering will be different from other competitors. The foundation store for a brand is its Logo, rest all other packaging material, promotional material, website andmarketing collateral integrate with the logo to create a formidable brand. Some examples of largest brands are; Apple, Nike, Marriott, Samsung, Amazon, McDonald, Google and many more (Marsden, 2016) Corporate Branding-Understanding the concept As the name speaks out in volume, corporate branding can be understood as promoting the companys name in lieu of the product it sells, the corporate entitys name overshadows the product and service offering of the company (Punjaisri Wilson, 2017). The purpose of corporate branding is to link the name of the company with the entire advertising efforts of IMC in the mind of consumer. Amazon is an example of successful corporate branding, as the name is synonymous with customer centric, assured timely delivery, quality products, great customer service and many more. People form a positive mind map when they hear of Amazon thus creating brand recognition with its consumers. Amazon has a much more powerful corporate brand than the products it sells on the website, giving air to the corporate branding (Tam, 2016) Importance of corporate branding in Marketing In the past as well in the present, many Brand names have been rolling onto the tongue of the consumers; the simple reason is because of a strong branding done by that organization. A company brand is something which combines the logo, slogan, colour, texture and with the right branding the company could be recognized without the name even being visible (Jukic, 2017) such is the extent of corporate branding. Corporate branding is useful to both small and large businesses; experts have classified the importance and reason for strong branding in 5 parameters: Identity Corporate branding is important as the logo and slogan of the company marks the identity of the business, and people can easily recognize the face of the company seeing the logo and the slogan. Strong corporate branding makes it possible for people to recognize the brand without the name being visible (Merrilees, 2016) Customer relations Customers find it really easy to relate with the brand, the brand recall is higher and also the brand advocacy. It is really easy building a loyal relationship with the customer if the company has a strong brand identity. Strong brand identity lays down the pillar for sustained growth (Keller, 2016) Professionalism Although the concept of brand is clear to all the organization, but at times companies find it hard to convey the purpose, meaning, mission, vision and values of the organization across people, thus unable to create a strong brand identity in front of the consumers. On the other hand, having a well created branding campaign will showcase the business as highly professional in its approach and create positive image in the mind of consumers. Professionalism does not limit itself to the consumers but it also applies to other companies with which the brand wants to engage in business. Signature of quality This is what Amazon has been doing since its inception, the company offers superior quality product with assured delivery and focus on its customers, and this in turn translates into Amazon being a brand which provides high quality product and reliable service to its customers. Thus, the brand name becomes a sign of quality for the consumers. Increasing valuation Strong corporate branding not only adds to the existing revenue of a business, but it also adds to the valuation of the company. Successful corporate branding ensures the valuation of the company rises, and if the company has to go forward with MA, the amount it will extract due to its corporate branding will be really huge. Helps in ROI Amazon is a perfect example of a company which has positioned its brand identity as a company which provides quality product and services and keeps its customers at the forefront of any business practise. Thus a strong corporate branding combined with equally great service and product offering helps in generating a good return on Investment. Thus, it can be said that corporate branding help the business by not just creating brand awareness, but it also helps the business in achieving a momentum, a momentum which is caused by the strength of its corporate image. Amazon has been doing this successfully over the last 24 odd years and people strongly relate to the brand. The company has surpassed all of its competitors in almost all the markets and is consistently doing service innovation so that people can remember Amazon as the biggest innovator and disrupter in the market. Avoids Misinterpretation A company which has established a strong corporate brand identity leaves no room whatever possible for vagueness. The employees of the company breathe in and out the companys values, vision, mission and its goals and thus project them confidently in any of the public or press interaction. Hence, corporate branding additionally helps in generate confidence among the workforce. Mind Map for Amazon As explained earlier, Amazon has created a strong brand name for itself and across the globe the company is recognized as the largest e-commerce service provider of quality goods and services. Mind map is a comprehensive tool, which permits the individual to map the brand according to his mind set. On hearing the brand name Amazon, people mostly recognize the company as: E-commerce company Largest provider of all the goods imagined Fastest delivery Customer centricity Low cost Jeff Bezos Excellent customer service Fast refunds Assured delivery These are some of the points which pop up in the mind of consumers on hearing the name Amazon. It can be thus said that corporate branding is a bigger umbrella under which the product branding takes shelter. For a product to sell in the market, the company has to ensure that the brand is already established for increased sales. Brand building is not an easy process, it takes lot of time, effort, strategy and the right mind set to create a brand. Corporate brand building-Different approaches of building a brand According to the management experts there are 7 schools of thoughts to build a brand, they are: The economic approach In this approach, the brand can be seen as a part of traditional marketing mix. According to the economic model approach, 4Ps of marketing mix are used in building the brand strategy. It can thus be seen as the most basic, functional and economic marketing type where the companies are competing against the product, price, place and promotion. In this approach of building a brand, social and economic points of view play a balancing role (Balmer Wang, 2016) The identity approach This can be seen as the most prevalent approach which the brand managers use while building corporate brand. According to this approach the brand is aligned with the mission, vision and business objectives of the organization and the same is reflected in its marketing strategy and promotions. It has a dual role to play, on one hand, consumer gets to know about the values, vision, mission and goals of the company and on the other hand, a corporate brand is being created on the side-lines of uses identity approach in building its brand image and keeps the product branding separate from the product branding. Amazon is riding high on its created image of customer centric firm in the market (Balmer, 2017) The consumer based approach In this type of brand building exercise, the brand is linked to the association it has with its customers. According to this approach, brand observes how the consumer interact with the brand, what are their requirement, what are the pain points, what excites them, what delights them, based on all these factors the corporate branding is done to have a better relevancy with the customers. The Personality based approach In this type of approach the brand is a human like character. This type of branding is done on product placements in movies, music, videos and other sport. A consumer when looks at his favourite human character interacting with a particular brand, he himself gets attracted towards that brand in a bid to resonate with their celebrity. The relational Approach This is an approach in which the brand is seen as the viable relationship partner. Companies due to the advent of digital marketing have been using personalized communication tools to interact with the audience. Audience gets easily connected through E-mail, highly targeted campaign and the events conducted for them. In this approach the brands also extract a lot of relevant information about the behaviour of the customer and thus further improve the marketing efforts to better suit the customer taste. The community approach As the name suggest, here the brand is built by focussing on the community. The brand in this case wants to be a part of a community or a social event. Audience on seeing a company interacting with society and doing something for the community automatically gets registered in their head, thus helping in creation of a brand The cultural approach As the name suggest this approach shows the brand as part of a broader cultural fabric. The approach here contains aspects of cultural consumption, it takes into consideration the leanings of the people in the past, as to what they have been wearing, which brands or shops do they visit to buy some particular thing and so on. But as an individual grows up, he does not wears the same clothes or visits the same store, because now his culture has changed. Hence, in the cultural approach of creating a brand, the brand focuses the attention on the changing world and the driving factors of the change. It also takes into consideration the trends which are influencing the change and accordingly sets the tone for brand building (Bargenda, 2015) These days though companies do not focus on one method of brand creation, they use a variety of approaches to target the customers. The pattern these days is shifting from economy and identity model to more radical cultural model of approach; however Amazon is still relying on the identity approach for brand creation. Co creation and stakeholder engagement Stakeholders of any business refer to all the people who are directly or indirectly associated with the business. This ideally involves employees, customers, and board of directors, management groups, media personnel, government bodies, advertising agencies, recruitment agencies and suppliers (Jones, Harrison Felps, 2018). Therefore, stakeholder engagement is very crucial for the success of any business and especially for the brand development of any organization. Stakeholders have a vital role to play in the success of any brand. The organization naturally puts efforts to ensure a high brand value for the firm but very often it is the efforts of the stakeholders that strengthen the brand value and reach (Mok, Shen Yang, 2015). The steps taken by the stakeholders in co creating the brand of Amazon are as below: Media Media channels and leading newspapers make a larger set of audience aware of the brand. Any recent development with the brand gets immediate media attention and the same news is spread across the different customers (Kohli, Suri Kapoor, 2015). Had the media not played an active role in building Amazon, it would have been very difficult for Amazon to have such a massive reach. This is an example of stakeholder co creating the brand with the organization Social media User generated content There are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and recently even Snapchat. These platforms are fantastic tool for consumer s and the brand to connect with one another (Tuten Solomon, 2017). The companys brand image largely depends on what the company posts on these social media channels. However, the content posted by the users of the brand also has a massive reach and is often considered a more trustworthy source of information. Positive inputs from loyal Amazon customers help in co creating and enhancing the brand value of amazon. Stakeholder engagement theory Stakeholder theory or stakeholder engagement theory is an approach to understanding, identifying and dealing with all the stakeholders of the company. Stakeholder theory understands that all the people who are related to the business will be directly or indirectly affected by the decisions made in the business (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker Brennan, 2015). Stakeholders of the business have a crucial role to play in the success of any brand. Therefore for the success of any brand, it is important that stakeholders of the brand are engaged and take an active part in making the brand a success. There are several ways in which Amazon has ensured a high level of customer engagement Social media Social media marketing refers to the promotion of any product or service through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and recently even Snapchat (Chaffey, 2016). Amazon has actively pursued social media marketing in order to reach out to its customers. Amazon has adopted effective social listening skills which makes the brand aware about what is being spoken about the brand across all the social media platforms. Amazon team also takes the efforts to reply to certain people who post their grievances on their social media accounts. Customer feedback Customer feedback is another way of ensuring stakeholder engagement. Amazon has a mobile application, a website and a customer helpline contact number. All three sources can be used by the consumers at any point of time in order to provide a positive or a negative feedback (Wang, Cavusoglu Deng, 2016). Amazon has worked at ensuring that the customers can reach them in a convenient manner and this is why all their online portals are very user friendly. Product reviews All the products that are sold on Amazon have customer reviews. This allows customers to make a better decision about their purchasing. If any product has severe negative reviews then the company even takes the product off completely. These reviews help customers engage with the brand as well as other customers of the brand. Event sponsorships Amazon also sponsors various events which often take place for charity which helps people connect with the brand. Sponsoring events where a large number of people gather help the brand convey its values to those people through a single space (Addis, Miniero Soscia, 2018). Training to delivery executives Amazon provides exclusive training to its delivery executives so that their behaviour, attitude, use of language and efficiency of service connects with the customers. A well spoken delivery executive quickly forms a connection with the customer he or she is delivering to. Therefore, all the Amazon delivery executives are mandated to be on their best behaviour while conducting deliveries of products across the world. Conclusion Branding is a highly important part of any business that exists today. Creating a brand involves patience, time, perseverance, innovation, hard work and stakeholder support. Businesses work towards ensuring that their brand name has a high reach and a positive positioning in the minds of the consumers (Wheeler, 2017). There are various strategies adopted by the leading companies of the world to ensure that their brand is well known as and has a wide reach of customers. Amazon, as a brand, has worked immensely hard in ensuring that the customers are truly satisfied and the brand is renowned across the globe. Amazons tactics have turned out well as the brand has a wide customer reach through different parts of the world. At the same time, Amazons positioning in the minds of its customers is very positive. Stakeholder engagement plays a crucial part in building a brand and ensuring that the brand has a high customer base through the globe. Stakeholders of the brand can contribute towards increasing brand reach and awareness through different sources. At the same time, Amazon continues to put various efforts to ensure that its stakeholders are engaged with the brand. Few of these strategies include social media marketing, getting user generated content on media, developing effective means of communications with customers and enabling flow of information. These efforts by Amazon have helped the brand reach the pinnacle of success and have also set a perfect example for new businesses to follow. References Addis, M., Miniero, G., Soscia, I. (2018). Facing contradictory emotions in event marketing: leveraging on surprise.Journal of Consumer Marketing, (just-accepted), 00-00. Al Sayyed, S. (2016). Strategic Marketing. A Live Case Study on Amazon Marketing. Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., Harker, M., Brennan, R. (2015).Marketing: an introduction. Pearson Education. Balmer, J. M. (2017). Advances in corporate brand, corporate heritage, corporate identity and corporate marketing scholarship.European Journal of Marketing,51(9/10), 1462-1471. Balmer, J. M., Wang, W. Y. (2016). The corporate brand and strategic direction: Senior business school managers cognitions of corporate brand building and management.Journal of Brand Management,23(1), 8-21. Bargenda, A. (2015). Corporate heritage brands in the financial sector: The role of corporate architecture.Journal of Brand Management,22(5), 431-447. Chaffey, D. (2016). Global social media research summary 2016.Smart Insights: Social Media Marketing. Jones, T., Harrison, J., Felps, W. (2018). How Applying Instrumental Stakeholder Theory Can Provide Sustainable Competitive Advantage.Academy of Management Review, amr-2016. Jukic, D. (2017). The Importance of Corporate Branding in School Management.STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT,22(4), 11-18. Keller, K. L. (2016). Reflections on customer-based brand equity: perspectives, progress, and priorities.AMS review,6(1-2), 1-16. Kohli, C., Suri, R., Kapoor, A. (2015). Will social media kill branding?.Business Horizons,58(1), 35-44. Marsden, J. L. (2016, July). Translating organisational definition into brand mark expression: Strategies for new organisations. InAcademy of Marketing Annual Conference Proceedings 2016. Leeds. Merrilees, B. (2016). Interactive brand experience pathways to customer-brand engagement and value co-creation.Journal of Product Brand Management,25(5), 402-408. Mok, K. Y., Shen, G. Q., Yang, J. (2015). Stakeholder management studies in mega construction projects: A review and future directions.International Journal of Project Management,33(2), 446-457. Punjaisri, K., Wilson, A. (2017). The role of internal branding in the delivery of employee brand promise. InAdvances in Corporate Branding(pp. 91-108). Palgrave Macmillan, London. Tam, K. D. (2016). Perceptual Alignment of Retail Brand Image in Corporate Branding: A study of employee perceived stakeholder alignment and effects on brand equity. Tuten, T. L., Solomon, M. R. (2017).Social media marketing. Sage. Wang, S., Cavusoglu, H., Deng, Z. (2016). Early mover advantage in e-commerce platforms with low entry barriers: The role of customer relationship management capabilities.Information Management,53(2), 197-206. Wheeler, A. (2017).Designing brand identity: An essential guide for the whole branding team. John Wiley Sons.

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Two Conversation and Imagination Poems by Coleridge free essay sample

This paper discusses two poems by Samuel Taylor Coleridge from the Romantic period of the English literature. This paper discusses the differences between Samuel Taylor Coleridges two poems: Frost at Midnight, and Pains of Sleep. These two poems are of different themes and forms and yet exhibit the creativeness found in Coleridges works. The author also explains how Coleridge was also a literary critic who defined the category of conversation and imagination poems. Pains of Sleep is another literary work from Coleridge, and it was written in 1803. Contrary to the melancholy tone yet positive outlook of the poets behavior in Frost at Midnight, Pains of Sleep shows the agony experienced by the poet in his struggle to overcome his opium addiction and its after-effect. The poem discusses Coleridges fear of sleep, and of dreaming. It is evident in the poems anguished tone that it Coleridge describes his agony in descriptive detail. We will write a custom essay sample on Two Conversation and Imagination Poems by Coleridge or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Pains of Sleep is categorized as an example of an imagination poem, a poem that contains brilliant imagery and supernatural elements, and is far-off from the ordinary world of people. Imagery during the Romantic period is a powerful tool to express a message in creative and descriptive detail, and is often referred to as the sensations that language creates in the mind.

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The Biography of Francisco Morazan

The Biography of Francisco Morazan Jose Francisco Morazan Quezada (1792-1842) was a politician and general who ruled parts of Central America at different times during the turbulent period from 1827 to 1842. He was a strong leader and visionary who attempted to unite the different Central American countries into one large nation. His liberal, anti-clerical politics made him some powerful enemies, and his period of rule was marked by bitter infighting between liberals and conservatives. Early Life Morazan was born in Tegucigalpa  in present-day Honduras in 1792, during the waning years of Spanish colonial rule. The was the son of an upper-class Creole family and entered the military at a young age. He soon distinguished himself for his bravery and charisma. He was tall for his era, about 5  feet 10 inches, and intelligent, and his natural leadership skills easily attracted followers. He became involved in local politics early, enlisting as a volunteer to oppose Mexico’s annexation of Central America in 1821. A United Central America Mexico suffered some severe internal upheavals in the first years of independence, and in 1823 Central America was able to break away. The decision was made to unify all of Central America as one nation, with the capital in Guatemala City. It was made up of five states: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In 1824, liberal Jose Manuel Arce was elected president, but he soon switched sides and supported the conservative ideals of a strong central government with firm ties to the church. At War The ideological conflict between liberals and conservatives had long been simmering and finally boiled over when Arce sent troops to rebellious Honduras. Morazan led the defense in Honduras, but he was defeated and captured. He escaped and was put him in charge of a small army in Nicaragua. The army marched on Honduras and captured it at the legendary Battle of La Trinidad on Nov. 11, 1827. Morazan was now the liberal leader with the highest profile in Central America, and in 1830 he was elected to serve as president of the Federal Republic of Central America. Morazan in Power Morazan enacted liberal reforms in the new Federal Republic of Central America, including freedom of the press, speech, and religion. He limited church power by making marriage secular and abolishing government-aided tithing. Eventually, he was forced to expel many clerics from the country. This liberalism made him the implacable enemy of the conservatives, who preferred to keep the old colonial power structures, including close ties between church and state. He moved the capital to San Salvador, El Salvador, in 1834 and was re-elected in 1835. At War Again Conservatives would occasionally take up arms in different parts of the nation, but Morazan’s grip on power was firm until late 1837 when Rafael Carrera led an uprising in eastern Guatemala. An illiterate pig farmer, Carrera was nevertheless a clever, charismatic leader and relentless adversary. Unlike previous conservatives, he was able to rally the generally apathetic Guatemalan Native Americans to his side, and his horde of irregular soldiers armed with machetes, flintlock muskets, and clubs proved hard for Morazan to put down. Defeat and Collapse of the Republic As news of the successes of Carrera came to them, conservatives all over Central America took heart and decided that the time was right to strike against Morazan. Morazan was a skilled field general, and he defeated a much larger force at the battle of San Pedro Perulapan in 1839. By then, however, the republic had irrevocably fractured, and Morazan only effectively ruled El Salvador, Costa Rica and a few isolated pockets of loyal subjects. Nicaragua was the first to officially secede from the union, on Nov. 5, 1838. Honduras and Costa Rica quickly followed. Exile in Colombia Morazan was a skilled soldier, but his army was shrinking while that of the conservatives was growing, and in 1840 came the inevitable result: Carrera’s forces finally defeated Morazan, who was forced to go into exile in Colombia. While there, he wrote an open letter to the people of Central America in which he explained why the republic was defeated and laments that Carrera and the conservatives never tried to really understand his agenda. Costa Rica In 1842 he was lured out of exile by Costa Rican Gen. Vicente Villasenor, who was leading a revolt against conservative Costa Rican dictator Braulio Carrillo and had him on the ropes. Morazan joined Villasenor, and together they finished the job of ousting Carrillo: Morazan was named president. He intended to use Costa Rica as the center of a new Central American republic. But the Costa Ricans turned on him, and he and Villasenor were executed on Sept. 15, 1842. His final words were to his friend Villasenor: â€Å"Dear friend, posterity will do us justice.† Legacy of Francisco Morazan Morazan was correct: Posterity has been kind to him and his dear friend Villasenor. Morazan is today seen as a visionary, progressive leader and able commander who fought to keep Central America together. In this, he is sort of the Central American version of Simon Bolà ­var, and there is more than a little in common between the two men. Since 1840, Central America has been fractured, divided into tiny, weak nations vulnerable to wars, exploitation, and dictatorships. The failure of the republic to last was a defining point in Central American history. Had it stayed united, the Republic of Central America might well be a formidable nation, on an economic and political par with, say, Colombia or Ecuador. As it is, however, it is a region of little world importance whose history is most often tragic. The dream is not dead, however. Attempts were made in 1852, 1886 and 1921 to unite the region, although all of these attempts failed. Morazans name is invoked anytime there is talk of reunification. Morazan is honored in Honduras and El Salvador, where there are provinces named after him, as well as any number of parks, streets, schools, and businesses.

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Part A-Contract law Part B- Case study (letter)

Part A-Contract law Part B- (letter) - Case Study Example As a result, they did not expect the consumer to take them seriously. A misrepresentation, on the other hand, refers to a false statement of fact that a party makes to another party to influence them into entering a contract, even though the statement is not part of the contract. In effect, this makes the contract voidable and the innocent party could repudiate the contract, as well as claim damages (James, 2014: p22). Where a person making the statement knew the real facts and it can be proved, they could not have held their views reasonably as a result, their opinions are taken as statement of fact. In order for a contract to be valid, both parties must make it freely and there should be mutual assent. However, it is possible that pressure to enter into the contract or coercion could affect mutual assent. Undue influence and duress are situations that impact on mutual assent, rendering contracts voidable or void. Duress refers to the exertion of wrongful pressure on a party to coerce them into making a contract that they would not ordinarily enter. It involves threatening to use force or using force intentionally to induce the party to assent to the contract (Carter, 2013: p32). Whether the coercion is mental or physical, it must be to an extent to which the other party does not have freedom of choice or free will, leaving them no reasonable alternative than to assent to the contract. On the other hand, undue influence refers to taking advantage of the other party during the formation of contracts. In this case, the two parties have a relationship, for example, one is superior to the other. Unlike duress that involves the use of direct threats; undue influence involves the use of excessive pressure by a dominant party for the subordinate to assent to the contract, although persuasion alone does not constitute undue influence (Carter, 2013: p33). As a result, the